If you’re the parent of a Scout who has recently joined Troop 112, this page is for you.

First of all, if your son was a Cub Scout, you will rapidly discover that the Boy Scout experience is very different.  Troops are boy-led, which means much of what parents did for their Cubs, the boys now do for themselves.  This takes getting used to – this takes a LOT of getting used to!  

Giving the boys control over their program provides leadership experience, teaches personal responsibility and integrity, builds confidence and instills a sense of self and ownership of one’s own decisions.  For the adult Scouters, we take a step back, but we provide the business end of the Troop and we are the guardrails, helping to keep the Scouts on the course they set.

First issue you face as parents is the overwhelming amount of information you have to process and all the new terminology.  We have a document to help you with that: our Troop 112 Dictionary.  It gives you a lot of the terminology and an overview of how the Troop system works and how we recognize achievement.

The next tool we have for you is this website right here.  Please page through it and click on the links.  This site is designed to be a one-stop shop for all things – scheduled events, forms needed for attendance, guidance documents, handy tips from the web and more.  Root around in here and get comfortable.

Next, we have the Weekly Bulletin.  This comes out every Friday without fail.  The Bulletin will list the most immediate events and topics of concern at a much higher level of detail than the website.  The bulletin will be heavy with links.  The links will be bold, dark red and, when a link refers to a location, it will be a Google Maps link, like this one for our Charter Organization in order to allow you to open it on your cell phone and navigate to it.  We will always provide this for outings away from the church.  The Bulletin also links to our Google calendar and Facebook page.  Sometimes we’ll hide an Easter egg in a picture.

We have our Facebook page, where we record the events of the Troop as they occur.  We’ll post our photos here, so you can download and share pictures of your son, even when you’re not at the event.  You will want to check in during Summer Camp, when we make a big effort to get pictures of your son to you while he’s away.

If you do choose to attend an outing, such as a camping trip or a lock-in, BSA requires you to have Youth Protection training.  You can get this training at my.Scouting.  Use the link, set up an account for yourself and access the training.  It’s about 25 minutes long.

It is important to point out that Troop 112 takes it’s web presence very seriously and makes it a priority to keep things up to date.  So be sure to check in on each site on a regular basis.  There is a little repetition between the bulletin and the homepage of the website, but that is only so you can quickly locate and download required forms for an event without having to access your email.  

Finally, for the Old Schooler in all of us, we have our analog information delivery system: the White Board at Troop meetings.  This is just an erasable board that lists a half dozen of the most immediately upcoming events or topics.  In a pinch, you can snap a picture and text it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any adult Scouter at our meetings, or email our scoutmaster.

We’re a busy Troop and we are committed to giving your son and you a great Scouting experience.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with comments and suggestions.

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