“So your son just joined the Troop and you say you have a degree in accounting?  Awesome!  We need a new treasurer!”

Um, no, we’re not going to do that to you.

Troop 112 is boy-led, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need adult volunteers.  Moms and Dads are very necessary to enable our Scouts to put together a successful program of learning achievement and adventure.

That said, while we’d love to have you dive in and volunteer, we suggest you take a little time to get familiar with the Troop and how things work.  Come to the Parent’s meetings (in each month with a 5th Tuesday, we have a Parent’s Meeting) and feel free to drop in on Committee Meetings – you don’t need a uniform to participate.

Get Youth Protection training after setting up your account at my.Scouting.  Come on some of our camp outs or volunteer to spend a day at Summer Camp.  While you’re there, we’ll likely ask for your help on some small tasks and you’ll likely enjoy being part of the team.

And that’s volunteering.  Thanks a bunch!

Now, if you discover that you have an interest in a role with influence and power (sorry, sometimes I can’t help myself!), then maybe joining the Troop Committee or becoming an Assistant Scoutmaster is for you.  Then, you will have an area where you can express your passion and creativity.  

This site provides details about positions, but those descriptions are not set in stone.  These write ups tend to cover the entire realm of potential duties and at Troop 112, we’re flexible and our list of duties is usually narrower.  For example, I manage the Troop 112 websites and so I’m the Communications Chair – that’s a position we totally made up and I rather enjoy doing it, as you may have noticed.

It’s a blast and you get to decide how deep you want to get into it.  Do you want to go to camp outs and outings as an adult Scouter, just to help those events be successful?  AWESOME!  We need parents in that role and it’s a great help.  Do you want to take a role that supports the Troop for a limited time, such as Popcorn Kernel?  FANTASTIC!  We need a Kernel once a year for about 3 months.  Do you want role that is a monthly support to the Troop upon which you can put your own mark?  RIGHTEOUS!  And by the way, Communications Chair is not available.

You have unique gifts and talents to share and you can make you mark on this Troop with an important role in the Scouting experience for your son.  I look forward to welcoming you to our team!



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