Camping Checklists

Scouting is camping!  Based on our experiences camping in different situations and weather, the following packing and gear lists have been developed as an aid.  Look at these lists as guidance, not required checkoffs where every single little thing on the list absolutely must be packed.  For example, we have pretty sophisticated medical kits, so first aid might be just tossing in a few band-aids and wipes in case your son suffers a cut or scrape on his way between Merit Badge events at Summer Camp.  Also, the Troop does have equipment, such as tents and helmets, that can be checked out, so speak with us before you buy.

Backpacking Gear Checklist

Caving Equipment List

Winter Camping List

Summer Weekend Backpacking Gear

Summer Camp Equipment List


Merit Badge Links
Forms & Policies
Useful Links
  • Dan Beard Council Website
    • The Council website is the best site for you to visit to see what is going on in scouting across our area and for resources having to do with camps and schedule of both Daniel Beard Council and Blue Jacket District events.
  • Scout Shop at Marge Schott Center, 10078 Reading Road
    • Scout Shop information & hours of operation 
  • Five-Mile Hike at Camp Friedlander
    • Map of the 5 mile hike.
  • Troop 112 Dictionary
    • Don’t know what an SPL or a Cracker Barrel is?  This tells you.  It also provides information about the troop organization useful to both parent and Scout.
  • my.Scouting
    • Sign up for an account.  It provides tools and insight to Scouting and shows you the training that adult Scouters take.  If a parent wants to camp with us, s/he must take Youth Protection.
  • Scouting
    • Good place to find information about the national Scouting programs.
  • BSA Museum
    • It’s in Irving, Texas, so you might not make it there anytime soon.  But here’s a peek at what’s doing down there.
  • Boy’s Life
    • Online Version of Boy’s Life magazine.
  • Troop 112’s Sponsor 
    • Mt Washington Presbyterian Church homepage.
  • Scout Staves
    • How to put together a useful stave, tie Turk head knots, etc.
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