Bluespring Caverns

This is a rare Saturday to Sunday adventure.

We will depart from the church at noon on Saturday and return at noon Sunday.

Please eat lunch before arriving.

Our overnight caving adventure does not begin until 5:30pm. We will stop at a nearby Indiana State Park for some above ground adventures before heading to Bluespring Caverns. We will be sleeping inside the cave on bunks.

After a quick trip to the park we will head to Bluespring Caverns. Here we will learn about the cave systems and their exploration. We will go on an off-trail, wild cave tour. We will also get to take a boat tour of the underground "Myst'ry River"! After all of our adventures we will sleep inside the cave, 100 feet below ground! There are bunks with pads to sleep on, restrooms, and a snack bar inside the cave.

This is the recommended gear list from Bluespring Caverns:

Each participant should bring a dependable light source (headlamp [preferred] or flashlight, complete change of clothing (socks and shoes or boots included), sleeping bag, and may want to bring a small pillow, toothbrush, small towel, a canteen, and a plastic bag for dirty clothes.

Personal goods should be in small bag or backpack (no suitcases). Please do not bring extra equipment as storage space is limited, i.e. no cots, airbeds, tents, coolers, etc.

I would add to that at least one more light source with back up batteries.

Please remember to dress in layers and to make your first layer a moisture wicking material, Not cotton.

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